Alcoholic Flavour Coffee Syrup

Unsweetened Alcoholic flavour coffee syrup


That’s what we call coffee spiked with spirits in Sweden.
Pour in Irish whiskey and you’ve got Irish coffee. Whatever you call it, coffee with a good whiskey, rum, etc. is a great treat! It just gives your coffee that extra flavour dimension. It’s a great example of one good thing + one other good thing = 🙂 🙂 🙂
And liquor blends very well with spices, fruit and/or pastry, making flavours to die for!
So why wouldn’t you use the good ol’ booze instead of Coffee Adders, you might ask? There are two main reasons: With Coffee Adder you can drink and drive! Have a coffee with bourbon for breakfast and then drive to work. Another good thing is that although our Kaffe Kask flavours smell and taste like alcohol, your breath will not smell of alcohol after drinking them. A good thing once you arrive at work. The other thing is the cost. As you only need to add one teaspoon of Coffee Adder into your cup of java, the bottle will last about 4 times longer than the ol’ booze. And the cost of the Coffee Adder is only almost as high as the cheapest bourbon. Not to talk about the Single Malt Scotch whiskey!

Alcoholic flavour coffee syrup

Currently, we have the following


Scotch Whiskey flavour
Bourbon flavour
Cognac flavour
Amaretto flavour
Triple Sec flavour (Rum and bitter orange)
Irish Cream flavour (for making Irish coffee)
Bourbon & Vanilla flavour
Cognac and Chocolate flavour
Signature Kaffe Kask flavour

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